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BoxStep™: The Advoca Project Management Process

Learn More About How We Turn Smart Planning Into Winning Projects

At Advoca the project planning and execution process is client-focused. Whether you need web design, web development, e-commerce, search engine optimization or graphic design our Project Management, Creative and Programming teams are standing by to make your project a wild success.

What does this mean?

It means that we go way beyond the obvious, employing a detailed Discovery Phase & Project Planning process to set up a stellar Project Execution phase. Once the project is over we make sure that the Project Wrap-Up is concise and any required Project Maintenance is equally effective and hassle-free. Here's how:

Discovery Phase

In the Discovery Phase Advoca business development and project management staff will work closely with you and your team to fully explore all the relevant factors which could improve your project results. Depending on the nature of the project our team may review any or all of the following:
  • Budget range
  • Required launch dates
  • Existing web sites and other marketing efforts
  • Current branding guidelines and corporate communications policies
  • Intended client and/or user demographics and sample profiles
  • Technology platform or delivery requirements
  • Web site hosting needs

In most cases the Discovery Phase will be executed via a series of interviews (either by phone or in person) using pre-developed surveys for the project type at hand.

The result is a solid research center to support the next step: Project Planning.


Project Planning

In the Project Planning Phase your assigned Advoca Project Manager will become your single point of contact with our team.

Your Project Manager will strive to create the most comprehensive Project Plan possible. Advoca Project Plan documentation collects project budget, timelines, objectives, and technical and creative requirements into a succinct planning and success analysis tool that will ensure your project roles off the virtual assembly line smoothly and with best-of-breed creative and technical quality.

Once complete the Project Plan will be shared with your team for potential revisions before being added to your Project Contract.

Typically the signing of your Project Contract and submission of a deposit payment will signal the beginning of the Project Execution phase wherein your assigned Project Manager will handpick and manage the various design and technical specialist staff that will comprise your project team.


Project Execution

During the Project Execution phase you will be following a schedule as laid out in the Planning Phase for the creation, delivery, review and revision of needed project assets.

The roll-out of assets is different from project to project but the following represents a typical roll-out for web design and development project assets:
  1. Selection of Corporate Colors
  2. Logo/Branding Design
  3. Web Site Map Planning
  4. Web Site Wireframe Design
  5. Web Site Layout Design
  6. Web Site Coding
  7. Web Site Content Insertion
  8. Web Site Launch

Please talk to our Business Development team members or your assigned Project Manager to explore your potential project execution pattern in more detail.


Project Wrap-Up

Once your project is completed your assigned Project Manager will co-ordinate a debriefing to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work.

We will compile all relevant source file assets and final project files and provide you with a CD or downloadable zip file to use in archiving our work.

Your Project Manager will review any needed Project Maintenance schedules and associated budget and/or timeline planning and make arrangements to ensure your maintenance is handled quickly and with minimal fuss.

Advoca Accounting will send you a final invoice and your project file will be closed until our next project together.


Project Maintenance

Project Maintenance typically refer to ongoing and evolving marketing efforts such as web site management and content updates, digital marketing campaigns or direct mail efforts.

Whatever your project type your assigned Advoca Project Manager will be happy to assist you with your needed maintenance with the same professional courtesy and marketing savvy as you experienced on your original project.

Naturally, if you are interested in Advoca handling just the maintenance portion of your project we are still more than happy to assist you.