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Advoca is a client focused web design and web development firm based in Toronto, Canada. Our team offers custom web site design, web site development, e-commerce site design, branding, search engine marketing and web strategy solutions to a diverse client base across the globe. With our aggressive overhead model Advoca's world class services are offered at rates 20-30% below industry average.

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Web site design
Database design
Flash CS4 design
Web site usability
Graphic design
Web site maintenance
E-commerce web site design
Search engine optimization
Web application development
Content management systems

Contact our team of web design professionals today to bring your web design or web development vision to life.

web design/web development process

Our pro-active, goal-oriented web site design project management process puts your needs at the centre of a best practices driven effort to employ minimal time, technology and money for maximum effect.

web development technologies

Current web programming and web design acronyms we're playing with include: XHTML, Ajax/JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, Drupal, Joomla, ASP/SQL Server, .NET and Flash CS4.
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our process

At Advoca we believe in no-nonsense approach to agency work. We're a busy, thriving, and experienced team and our senior partners have agreed to forego a core profit motive for a more interesting concept. In short, we aim to do great work for great people doing great things. We bill fairly and we always put the right people on the right task.

The more innovative and useful your project is the more likely we are to get on board, get excited and start piling on the out-of-box thinking that will ensure your final assets are a benchmark for years to come. If you are thinking about working with us you should check out the specific steps in our typical project management process.