E-Commerce by Advoca: Powerful & Profitable

The Advoca approach to e-commerce planning and execution brings our best of breed knowledge and technology to everything from page usability analysis, user path planning and product experience design to product management functionality, open source cart integration, payment processing and customer retention.

When you need the total package team to design your entire online business (and not just a web site) we're the experienced hands you want at your virtual table.

Whether you need a small off the shelf e-commerce brochure site or a multi-category full-service online department store our online vendor expertise will help sure that your lead generation, conversion rates, and site ROI are all top notch.

User Centric Design

All too often e-commerce design and development is designed by programmers with sites thrown together to meet the needs of the development team or the product admin needs of the site management team. The result is untold amounts of lost revenue from site traffic that fails to convert into purchase as users get scared off by bad design and bad usability. No one should let their users end up confused, frustrated and ultimately abandoning their shopping carts, never to return.

At Advoca we stand tall for the users who will be spending 99% of the time with the site, and weave simplicity and intuitive user interface design into all aspects of the e-commerce experience. Unhindered by unusual client or project requirements our team will produce elegant, quick loading e-commerce pages that quickly move users from home page path selection, to search results, on to a detailed and powerful product details page and through to a simple and high conversion checkout process.

Payment Processing

One of the more challenging parts of starting an e-commerce venture is often the grueling and complex hoops small businesses have to jump through to get their credit card payment processing set up. From Paypal to Payment Gateways and Merchant accounts our team has seen it all and we'll be happy to guide you through the necessary steps to get your cash flowing positively.

Web Site Marketing

Advoca also has the online marketing chops to help you plan out all aspects of your site sales and marketing plan. On the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) side, Advoca provides both Natural Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns (via Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing) to ensure that traffic to your site starts with a bang and grows steadily through your product lifecycle.

If you need to book a banner ad campaign, do some link building, social media networking or PR, look no further.

Web Site Tracking & Multivariate Testing

E-commerce isn't just about sales. It's about optimal sales. Even if your e-commerce site is doing well you may be surprised by how much impact an intelligently researched and executed statistical analysis and multivariate testing campaign can have on your bottom line.

Using information from your existing or freshly installed web analytics software (from the free Google Analytics on up) our team will identify bottlenecks and dead-ends in your e-commerce experience and make productive changes that will keep users on the site longer and significantly increase sales or conversions.

With some budget, time and discussion with your team we'll also pull together multiple versions of key e-commerce experience pages including the home page, category landing pages, search results, the product details page and the shopping cart pages and test them alongside one another in real world scenarios to discover the perfect blend of colour, positioning and copy that will help you hit your targets again and again.