Branding & Logo Design by Advoca

Brand philosophy at Advoca centers on one simple concept: your brand is your first contact with your audience and you need to get it right.

Our branding process kicks off during the Discovery Phase of your project during which we will work with your team to distill the core values and personality of your brand. We'll look at your product mix, your demographics and geographic reach, your brand history and the competitive landscape to ensure we find the right niche position for your most prominent visual representation.

Once we complete our preliminary research with your team our creative squad will brainstorm, uncover inspiration and relevant cultural reference points, review the latest colour palettes and techniques, and make a mess of whole bunch of cocktail napkins. The result will typically be preliminary logo sketches that your Project Manager may bring to the table for further discussion and to confirm comfort level with our intended direction.

Based on your feedback to our initial creative ideas we'll then work on developing a treatment sheet showing off refined logo concepts complete with palette recommendations that will represent 80%+ complete artwork. From these we will typically help you select your final direction for the logo and further refine our way into your perfect final logo.

Once the primary logo and palette have been established we may prepare a final style guide for use by your marketing department in rolling out the new branding and/or hand off finished assets to our own web design team in assistance of their web site layout objectives. This is typically also the stage where we start work on business cards, brochures and other marketing collateral that may stem from the initial brand work.

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